Thursday, 8 October 2015

Overview and Scrutiny Committee 14th October at Myatt’s Field Centre

Lambeth Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee is holding its next meeting at Myatt’s Field Centre. It will be looking at a number of issues including what the council is doing to increase recycling and reduce waste, fly tipping and litter in Lambeth, and how the council manages local contracts.  Councillors will be  hearing from the people who are responsible for making this happen, and the committee also want to hear from residents.

·         In addition to the formal meeting at 7.00 pm councillors and council officers will also be present beforehand to speak to individuals.

The meeting is being held at Myatt’ Field Centre, 24 Crawshay Road, London SW9 6FZ on the evening of Wednesday 14th October.  

6pm -7pm  informal session - councillors and council officers will be on hand to speak to individuals and answer queries, offer advice etc.
7pm -9pm the overview and scrutiny committee will meet in public  

All residents are very welcome to attend. The agenda for the committee’s formal meeting (7 - 9pm) can be found on the link below

If you would like to know more please contact Elaine Carter, lead scrutiny officer or tel 020 7926 0027

If individuals are interested in speaking at the committee meeting it would be very helpful to advise in advance - the Chair, Cllr Ed Davie, will always seek to ensure that everyone who wants to speak is given the opportunity to do so but advance notice is helpful just to gauge the potential number of speakers and time available for discussion.

Thank you.

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