Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lambeth babies win the lottery!

LEAP (Lambeth Early Action Partnership): 10,000 babies, 10 years, £38 million - a transformation in services for children and a world first
Lambeth has won £38 million from the Lottery's 'A Better Start' funding stream for a 10-year programme to improve outcomes for babies and children from conception to the age of 4.
The programme will focus on 4 wards including Coldharbour.
Key facts about LEAP and why it’s great news for Lambeth:
·        We have secured £38 million grant from the BIG Lottery Fund for a 10 year programme.
·         Alongside lottery grant, the LEAP partnership has committed to shifting 3% of money spent on that age group in those four wards from treatment to prevention. This is a ground-breaking commitment.
·         LEAP project is run by a partnership that comprises parents and carers, their babies, infants and children, practitioners, academics, community groups and senior leaders from across the voluntary sector, local authority, police, health and schools. National Children’s Bureau is the lead voluntary sector organisation.
·         LEAP has a vision for Lambeth to be the best place in the world for children to be born and grow-up. We will accept no less than for all of our children to be healthy, happy, confident, safe and able to achieve their aspirations.
·         The LEAP area comprises four wards in Lambeth: Coldharbour, Stockwell, Tulse Hill and Vassall.
·         The four wards are home to a fifth of Lambeth’s population and a quarter of our children under 18 (25% of whom are under four).
·         Three quarters of children under-18 in the LEAP area are from black or minority ethnic communities and over half of five year olds have English as an additional language.
·         LEAP will reduce inequalities and improve health, social and economic outcomes so that all of our children have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives.
·         Around 1000 babies are born each year in our LEAP wards and the number of under-fives is expected to increase by 10% in the next decade.
·         Our focus is improving the lives of over 10,000 babies who will be born in the ten-year period of the LEAP programme.
·         LEAP uses a public health approach to improve all aspects of life for children, their parents and the wider community. It does not (as other projects in the past have done) separate the social and emotional development of babies and children, their language and communications skills and their health from the wellbeing of their parents, their social networks, the strength of their communities and the wider environment. The vision reflects our belief that in order for babies and children to be healthy, happy and confident we need to look at all aspects of their lives.
The four key areas LEAP will focus on are:
     • Diet and nutrition
• Improve breastfeeding initiation and continuation.
• Reduce childhood obesity.
• Reduce maternal obesity.
     • Social and emotional development
• Reduce the prevalence and impact of domestic violence and injury.
• Improve social and emotional development and close the gaps for under-achieving groups.
     • Communication and language
• Improve level of communication and language development and close the gaps for under achieving groups.
      • Systems change
• Family Centred support: families have a good experience of joined up support with consistent messages and relationships based on mutual respect.
• Governance: organisations work together around the family and shared information supports this.
• Prevention: resources are focussed on prevention with parents and the community as active participants and a focus on a wide range of factors affecting family health and wellbeing
Over the 10 years of the programme LEAP will:
  • Improve the rates of children achieving an overall good level of development in the target wards from 45% to 81%
  • Improve the rates of children achieving a good level of social and emotional development in the target wards from 68% to 95%.
  • Improve the rates of children achieving a good level of communication and language development in the target wards from 63 % to 95%
  • Eliminate the gaps in achievement for boys, children on free school meals and particular ethnic groups for social and emotional development and communication and language development.
  • Reduce obesity rates at school entry by from 15% to 9%
  • Halt rising rates of obesity for all groups at age 11 in the target wards.
In the first 18 months LEAP will make an immediate and visible impact:
  • 150 parents and their babies and children will receive support through the Watch, Wait, Wonder programme, to improve parent child bonding
  • 75 parents with English as additional language will complete a tailored LEAP course
  • 120 babies and young children will benefit from the increased support around early language and literacy.
  • 150 parents will be invited to attend an ante natal or post natal parenting programme.
  • 84 obese pregnant women will be invited to take part in the programme to reduce risk of complication in pregnancy and birth.
  • 270 of our workforce will be trained in Brief Encounters to support parents experiencing relationship difficulties.
  • 234 parents experiencing mild to moderate mental health problems will receive support through our community service.
  • 169 of our workforce will be trained in the Family Partnership Model to develop ‘helper’ qualities and skills that enable families to overcome difficulties and build strengths and resilience.

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