Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Lambeth Labour launches its manifesto

Lambeth Labour candidates
We recently launched our manifesto for Lambeth.

Despite losing half of our funding from the Tory and Lib Dem 

government - we are still ambitious for Lambeth.  We aspire to 
build on the great work which has happened, hand in hand with our 
residents, since 2006 and improve even further.

Just some of our pledges are:

1.    Help you with the rising cost of living by freezing council 

tax for the sixth year in a row
2.    Boost jobs and grow local businesses by offering every 

young person access to job support, training or an apprenticeship
3.    Make Lambeth cleaner and greener by resurfacing 130 

miles of roads and pavements and recycling more 
waste than ever before
4.    Create safer neighbourhoods and build the homes we need

 by campaigning to protect community police and building 
1,000 new council homes
5.    Give young people the best start in life by offering free 

breakfasts in all our  primary schools
6.    Help to keep you healthy by getting more people 

involved in sporting activities and healthy exercise

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