Monday, 18 June 2012

Outstanding Lambeth!

Lambeth has been judged the best council in the country for supporting vulnerable children. Ofsted rated Lambeth ‘outstanding’ for our adoption service; ‘outstanding’ for children in care; and ‘outstanding’ for child protection. No other council in the country got a triple ‘outstanding’.
These inspection results are a massive symbol of the turn-around in Lambeth Council. Under the previous Lib Dem-Tory council these services were so bad they were on special measures, ranked among the worst in the country. Today, they are the best. 
The Leader of The Council, Steve Reed, paid tribute to Council staff and thanked them at a special event in the Assembly Hall.
What these inspection results mean is that some of our most vulnerable children – those facing domestic abuse, or without the care of a loving family - have been given the chance of a better future.

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