Monday, 25 January 2010

Coldharbour Ward

Loughborough Road and Lilford Road bound Coldharbour to the north. The boundary then follows the railway line south to Derek Walcott Close where it then meanders across the Railton Road and down Barnwell and Morval Roads. At the Junction with the A204 Effra Road the boundary turns north and meets with the A23 Brixton Road where it follows north until meeting again at the junction with Loughborough Road.

Brixton Tube Station, Brixton Railway Station and Loughborough Junction Railway Station are all in the ward.

Primary schools include Loughborough, St John's Angell Town and Hill Mead.

Sports facilities include Brixton Recreation Centre.

Coldharbour is one the most deprived wards as measured by the Census deprivation score (employment, education health and housing) with the highest proportion of deprived households, and one of the highest proportions of severely deprived households.

White British people make up only 33% of Coldharbour ward, compared to 49% of the borough population. There has been a large percentage decrease in White people between 1991 and 2001 and a large increase in Asian people. There has also been a large percentage decrease in the 16 to 24 age group since the 1991 Census.

Coldharbour has an above average population with a long-term limiting illness, especially between the ages 0 to 15. It has also the largest population in Lambeth of residents in poor health.

Coldharbour has a high proportion of children in lone parent families, and a low proportion of children in married families.

Coldharbour has a low economic activity rate amongst 16-24 year olds, due to large numbers of full-time students who do not work.

Map of Coldharbour

If you're not sure whether you live in Coldharbour please check here: Find my ward

Coldharbour is now in Dulwich and West Norwood constituency, whose MP is Helen Hayes.

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